AutoDesk Design Review For the Creator

AutoDesk Design Review

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All aspects of human life are fast becoming technologically driven and to sustain this global trend, it is a must that more innovative ideas are developed and realized. However, many individuals harnessing these innovative ideas have found it quite difficult to put them into practical use hence, many people have failed to maximize on their potentials.

This may be due to a lot of reasons, ranging from lack of financial support to inadequate availability of materials. To put an end to this, numerous companies have been established to further help people attain this momentum in the digital world. One of the companies that see to this global need is AutoDesk.

AutoDesk is the mastermind behind AutoCAD, a household name to many engineers carries significance behind much of the innovation we come across. But did you know there are some other amazing tools created by AutoDesk? We will look at AutoCAD and some of the other suite of tools by AutoDesk.

If you have an innovative mind here are some efficient tools which are must-haves for all world changers.

AutoCAD is by far the most popular product of AutoDesk among engineers, architects, and other professionals in the field of construction and engineering. It is suitable for any 2D or 3D drawings with the aid of included solids, surfaces, and object meshing tools. It is compulsory in many parts of the world for professional civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and architects to be able to make use of this software effectively to present their work and ideas.

Apart from 2D or 3D modeling, AutoCAD has some other features that make it stand out and remain the first choice for engineers. While we cannot cover all the features of AutoCAD, some pertinent ones are listed below:

  • Specialized Toolsets: This encompasses Architect toolset, Mechanical toolset, Map 3D toolset, Electrical toolset, MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumping) toolset, Plant 3D toolset and Raster design toolset. This feature ensures that the user is focused and can easily find the needed tool pertaining to their field.
  • Trace: This allows the user to check back on the project and compliment it if needed without destroying the original design or any loss of data.
  • Count: This can automatically count the number of blocks or geometry within the design.
  • Conversion of PDF design files to Docs (AutoCAD to AutoDesk Docs).
  • Floating Windows: It allows users to work on two or more projects simultaneously.
  • Performance Enhancements: It enables the users to improve the overall result of their designs.
  • Cloud Storage: Save all your designs on AutoCAD cloud storage and access them easily anywhere, anytime.
  • Quick Measure: Display all measurements in a drawing to the user by just hovering the mouse.
  • 2D drafting, drawing, and annotation tool.
  • 3d modeling and visualization tool and many more.

Pricing: Annual Price of 1,775 US Dollars, see web site for Student and special pricing

This is another major tool that specializes in the modeling of building information (BIM); from detailed analysis of the fabrication and construction processes to the creation of imaginary design and visualization, Revit can always be trusted to handle such tasks effectively.

Unlike AutoCAD, which is a multipurpose software, Revit tends to be more specific and is best used to develop information relating to a building. You might have always wondered how those lofty skyscrapers were constructed just like most of us do, well we are glad to inform you that these buildings are best designed in Revit.

Let us have a look at some of the amazing features from Revit:

  • BIM software to plan, design, construct and manage your building projects which include generative design tool and parametric component display.
  • Project Analysis tool
  • Conceptual design tool.
  • Architecture, Construction, Structural Engineering and Fabrication modeling.
  • 2D and 3D modelling
  • Reinforcement detailing tool
  • Work-sharing and other professional features.
  • Pricing: Annual Price of 2,545 US Dollars, see web site for Student and special pricing

As the name implies, this software is specifically developed to help you effectively manage your civil engineering projects. It is the latest 3D software for handling civil engineering works with an included Grading Optimization Tool. You can easily design your site, model buildings, and so on with the Civil 3D


  • BIM (Business Information Modeling) Tool
  • Surface modeling
  • Site and Survey Tool
  • Corridor modeling
  • Storm and Sanitary Tool
  • Production and Documentation Planner
  • Interoperability Tool

Pricing: Annual Price of 2,430 US Dollars, see web site for Student and special pricing

At AutoDesk, there is always something for everyone as we tend have a diverse set of ideas. You might have thought that only engineers or architects are the ones that might be using AutoDesk, but hold the thought for a moment. This Media and Entertainment Collection is a compilation of top core products for creating extraordinary video products and game interfaces. It is the perfect definition of augmented reality as you really bring your characters to life. This pack is required to take your film production and game development to another level at a lesser price instead of purchasing the individual retail software.

Core products in the collection

  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Arnold
  • Motion Builder
  • Mud box
  • Maya: Maya allows you to create the scenes of your thrilling movies and generate different settings with exhilarating effects such as jungles, aquatic world, and other backgrounds. It is a popular editing tool among video editors and many movies have been created using this amazing tool.
  • 3ds Max: Like Maya but this tool is used for creating scenes for video games and design visualization. With this tool, you will be able to develop your own video games to catch fun using your ideas. You can generate divergent worlds and stimulate effects to the amusement of your gamers.
  • Arnold: An important software in this collection that is used to render your project. It also has a 5-pack (Arnold 5-pack) for rendering complex projects which you can get by contacting AutoDesk when you acquire the collection.
  • Motion Builder: Are you a lover of anime? Then, this is the tool you need to get. Motion Builder will help you capture, edit, and playback complex characters in your animation. So, with or without prior experience in animating, you can never go wrong with Motion Builder.
  • Mud Box: This software will handle all your 3D projects, sculpt, and even paint your detailed 3D works with an advanced touch.

Pricing: Annual Price of 2,365 US Dollars, see web site for Student and special pricing.  You can also buy software individually.

Other products in the collection

  • Recap Pro to create 3D models from imported pictures and laser scans
  • Character Generator to automatically create animated 3D characters
  • AutoDesk Rendering for a quick rendering of your works.

Summary of what you get from the collection

  • Advanced Animation tools
  • Rendering Tools
  • Creative tools to add 3d effects to your production
  • Flexibility and Time-saver
  • Scalable Simulation Tool

To ensure you are certain before deciding to acquire this collection, Autodesk offers a 30-day trial on all the products in this pack which allows you to either try one at a time or all the products simultaneously; it depends on you though. However, the only downside of the trial offer is that it requires a lot of space on your device, unlike the real products in the package.

Without any further ado, AutoDesk products are certainly a necessity for innovators and technocrats in the modern world. Innovations are not only achieved by just imaginations alone but by transforming those imaginations into reality with the right products which is what AutoDesk offers the world. Since you are convinced to need to realize your life-changing ideas then you get your hand on one of the products recommended above to get started.