Ashampoo Review

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 19

AShampoo is one of the top-ranking Web-based companies worldwide facilitating the drastic growth of utility-based software development on the internet. AShampoo’s premium software products set a high-level standard in the software package market and leave the user with almost everything in place at an affordable cost.

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This Ashampoo review will uncover a few of the must haves that the company offers.  Over the years, they have developed flexible User-friendly software like a Windows optimizer called WinOptimizer19.  And many more are more are available, as a matter of fact, there are over 55 different products out in the market, which makes it seem that the list of available products is endless. AShampoo has proven to be a multitasking company in the software world, hence their slogan “We Make Software”.

In this Ashampoo review, we will be looking into five of AShampoo’s products at their best purpose.

WinOptimizer 19

Windows is acceptable yet it may very well be better! AShampoo® WinOptimizer deals with that! Working Systems will experience bugs-stops and slugs after some time and become jumbled with garbage documents. High chances are the system settings are either lost or covered somewhere down in the draughts. And hence, there’s the security danger, as particularly Windows 10 loves to ring red. WinOptimizer helps to fix these slugs and bring back a fully operating system.

Functionalities include:

  • System improvement, top to bottom cleaning, and finding in one program!
  • Dashboards for consistently cutting-edge information and moment highlight access
  • Fresh out of the box new Defrag without observable execution channel
  • Union free plate space with Defrag
  • Broad drive investigation and equipment survey with Defrag
  • Convenient benchmark community for better clearness and quicker test access
  • Upgraded System subtleties see with improved equipment recognition
  • All cleaners cutting-edge
  • Full Microsoft Edge Chromium support
  • New Internet Cleaner calculation for improved recognition of perusing follows
  • Upgraded Browser Extension Manager
  • More subtleties on introduced equipment during System examinations
  • Quicker module startup times
  • Nitty-gritty examination logs

The speedy course to superior Windows!

AShampoo WinOptimizer is a tune-up utility that should be on your radar. As in years past, WinOptimizer enhances your PC’s performance by defragging the hard drive, deleting junk files, and executing other beneficial tasks. The newest version improves and retains optimization features while adding a revamped, attractive interface and new tune-up tools. WinOptimizer’s raw, system-improving numbers didn’t lead in any of our testing categories, but the software’s usability and many tools make it worth the asking price.

Pricing: For a low Price of 29.99 US Dollars, you get one at-home license which can be installed on up to 10 Windows PCs. Licenses for commercial pricing requires individual purchases.

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PDF Pro 2


The general PDF editorial manager – make, edit, and convert effortlessly. AShampoo PDF Pro 2 is the finished answer for overseeing and editing your PDF reports. The program has all you require to make, convert, edit, consolidate, and ensure your PDF files are presentable. Make estimated records that are comprehensible on any gadget and use encryption to ensure your property when required. Your PDFs are presently just about as effectively editable as Word archives! On the off chance that you use AShampoo® PDF Pro 2 at home, you can run it on up to 3 PCs! A solitary permit is sufficient to give your whole family an incredible office suite. If you use it commercially, however, it’s one permit for every establishment. AShampoo PDF Pro isn’t simply ideal to round out structures yet additionally to make and alter your own. It takes a couple of snaps to add intelligent components, like determination records, checkboxes, or input fields, to your PDF structure. These structures can then effectively be rounded out by anybody utilizing a standard PDF per user.

Features Include:

  • Make and alter intuitive structures
  • Look at two PDFs next to each other
  • New depiction work for wonderful PDF screen captures
  • Alter open pictures set up with outer picture proofreader
  • Lawfully substantial Bates numbering
  • Discover and supplant colors all through records
  • Split up PDFs into more modest archives with a custom number of pages
  • Supports PDF 1.4 for in reverse similarity
  • New and improved text arranging discourse
  • A new window for fast admittance to letter, line, and section settings
  • Substitute record text styles for simpler document trade with other PDF programs
  • More significant toolbar symbols
  • Single bound together altering mode rather than “View”, “Remark” and “Alter”
  • New menu structure for unequaled usability
  • New toolbar with the most as of late utilized page tasks
  • New auto-fix include

Pricing: Currently 29.99 USD for up to 3 PCs with a Home license.

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Backup Pro 15

Ashampoo has refined an already market-leading backup application making it even more user-friendly, stable, and operational than ever before.

While it would be fair to say that version 15 is not a massive overhaul, it would also be fair to say such an overhaul isn’t currently needed within the Backup Pro line of software. When I tested version 14 last year, I was impressed by the level of functionality on offer for performing local backups alongside the excellent support included for cloud backups, this includes support for many major cloud storage providers directly from within the application itself.

So far Backup Pro 15 sounds like another winning backup solution from AShampoo, let’s go and take a look!

Key Features of Backup Pro 15

  • (New) Updated and easy to use interface
  • (New) Updated and extended cloud support
  • (New) Pre-set backup plans (ready to use)
  • New) Better stability & performance
  • Well designed, reliable, and easy to use
  • Powerful scheduling engine and one-click backup support
  • Perform disk, partition, and full system image backups
  • Unlimited file versioning (historic versions)
  • Incremental file and image backups help save disk space and backup time
  • Easy recovery options (including mounting entire backups as virtual drives)
  • Built-in (UEFI) system recovery tools
  • Free email backup reports (free AShampoo account required)
  • Extensive cloud storage support (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Automatic SMART monitoring ensures storage disks are kept safe
  • Full, zero-knowledge encryption support (AES 256bit encryption supported)
  • Ability to choose compression & encryption methods
  • A great value, feature-packed backup solution for virtually any PC user

Pricing: 29.99 US dollars

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Burning Studio 22

Burning Studio 22

The AShampoo Burning Studio maintains every one of the benefits of its archetype and adds multi-circle document reinforcement, an incorporated sound CD ripper, and further improved help for the energizing new Blu-beam design with limits of up to 25 gigabytes for each layer.

Numerous clients are burnt out on over-convoluted CD copying applications that are getting increasingly hard to utilize. Some of the time you can burn through the greater part of your time simply attempting to discover a capacity. AShampoo Burning Studio 22 and Free spotlights on what you need: To consume circles rapidly, effectively, with the greatest quality and least issue. It incorporates all you require to have the option to do that. Furthermore, it bars all that could disrupt everything.

Top Features Include:

  • Make CD, DVD, and Blu-beam information circles
  • Update existing circles and add/eliminate documents and organizers
  • Eradicate rewritable CD/DVD/Blu-beam plates, for example, BD-RE and CD-RW circles
  • Make video DVD from the arranged envelope
  • Make video Blu-beam from the arranged organizer
  • Make Video CD (VCD)
  • Make Super Video CD (VCD)
  • Make sound CDs
  • Make MP3 and WMA CD/DVD/Blu-beam plates
  • Concentrate sound from sound plates
  • Make circle pictures from CD/DVD/Blu-beam plates
  • Make circle pictures from projects
  • Make record and envelope reinforcements
  • Pack and encode reinforcements

Pricing: Available in Free Version and Burning Studio 22 for 19.99 USD

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An Ashampoo Review wouldn’t be completed without mentioning their Anti-virus software. A definitive virus, ransomware, and malware security. It successfully identifies and kills viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware! Ashampoo Anti-Virus secures your PC against all dangers, including zero-day ransomware and trojans that have never been examined. Consistently, 300,000 new web dangers arise however Ashampoo Anti-Virus’s four imaginative layers of security will protect you the exceptionally planned perusing assurance, the constant record monitor, the high-level conduct examination, and the inflexible Anti-Ransomware module leave all dangers right speechless. When you begin utilizing Ashampoo Anti-Virus, you can browse the web and open records without any stress.

Features Include:

  • Exhaustive security assurance
  • Extraordinary: Dual-motor virus and malware scanner
  • Ongoing virus, ransomware, and malware assurance
  • Highlight: Four layers of assurance against any danger
  • Hourly updates: Up-to-date assurance against 300,000 new dangers consistently
  • Helpful: Cleaning and document recuperation highlights
  • Asset cordial foundation activity
  • Definite activity logs for post-investigation
  • Perusing assurance for problem-free web surfing
  • Constant record monitor with the lightning-quick double motor scanner
  • Kill zero-day dangers with cutting edge conduct investigation
  • Stop ransomware before it hits with Anti-Ransomware
  • Incredible ongoing assurance without execution overhead

 Pricing: 29.99 US Dollars per license

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So, what have we learned in this Ashampoo Review?  The company is making top of the line software in various categories with ease in usability while offering an abundance of features. While we cannot review every single software offered, these one we recommend above are must haves if you are regularly using the web and creating content.  Feel free to visit the Ashampoo web site to browse other products that might be of use to you.