System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Review

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

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Two of the most pressing needs for a modern PC user especially being connected online are security and adequate privacy. Security and privacy are needed in different ways and will involve in especially actions related to digital activities. Many of our day-to-day activities and business transactions are now run from our PCs and laptops as opposed to the traditional method of physical contact between two parties. Unfortunately, Cyber/Virus attacks hinder our ability to conduct our online activities.

Protecting one device against such attacks is very challenging because you must acquire quite a few security tools which are expensive. So, how does one get maximum protection at a lesser price?

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is the security pack you need to get. This pack is a 7 in 1 product pack that will give your PC maximum security from all forms of threats, keep your privacy offline and online, and take care of those annoying slow performance of your system. The security pack is developed by world renowned software utility maker iolo, known for developing patented software that repairs, protects, and optimizes computers around the world. With a powerful dashboard upon entry into the client app, your insights are available upfront.

Let us look at the 7 powerful tools available in the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense pack:

This is an Award-winning PC optimization tool that helps you generate the best result from your PC. Optimization is a process of modifying your computer system to make it become more efficient and significantly increase its speed. Many programs make use of large memory space and therefore slow down the performance of our computer system. This can be avoided or overcome with an optimization tool.

However, getting any optimization tool would not be sufficient; you must get the right tool. System Mechanic is reliable, fast, and optimizes even the hidden files to give you the best system performance.

Being safe on the internet has become really frustrating with the alarming rate at which people’s privacy is being interfered with online. You may suffer a hack of your social media accounts or someone might spy on your activities on the internet for malicious reasons.

To prevent all these from occurring, Privacy Guardian has been included in the pack to give you 100% online privacy protection on the internet anytime, anywhere. You will be able to carry out your transactions with less worry about the leakage of your card number or any other personal details. The truth is that cyber-thieves will always be online, so, you will always need a Guardian online too.

Selecting the best passwords or recollecting one’s passwords might be a bit difficult. It is even more confusing to determine if using a constant password or multiple passwords will be the best option. Fortunately, all these are simply unnecessary since ByePass is available to manage your passwords.

You can secure your passwords, generate passwords, and store passwords which implies that you need not type your passwords at all times when accessing your favorite websites. It is a very simple tool that can be used by anyone without any stress. Just type in your password and secure them as long as you want.

One of the most common issues PC users experience is a virus attack. In fact, there is barely a PC without an antivirus installed on it but sadly, this antivirus software is not powerful enough to prevent some viruses from invading our computer system. Moreover, this is only because you have not tried out System Shield.

System Shield is a VB100- certified antivirus tool that will guard your system against any form of virus attack to ensure your system always remains in the best condition.

Malware is the collection of all malicious software that has been transmitted into a computer system or network either online or offline. This includes viruses, ransomware, and spyware. They are usually used by cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access into your system or spy on you.

One of the amazing things about malware is that it might not be as obvious as viruses and not until you have software that investigates it; you might continue to suffer from this silent pest. Thus, Malware Killer is here to relieve your system from such unwelcome visitors.

We are all born erroneous so, we will always be prone to mistakes. However, some mistakes can be very costly and might lead to the loss of very important files. Yet people must have an opportunity to correct their mistakes and our PCs should not be left out.

This is where you will require the Search and Recover tool available in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense. This tool is an advanced file recovery software and therefore can bring back files your Recycle Bin cannot recover. As you know, once you empty the Recycle Bin that is it. But there is always more with the Search and Recover tool as there is nothing like emptying a bin here. Your files are always stored because one time or another in the future, you might need these files. All you need to do at such a moment is to search them and get your files back.

Wiping the hard drive effectively is not easy and even professional computer operators get it wrong most times. After you wipe your hard drive, you realize that there are usually some leftover files that might contain important information although not needed on that computer system anymore.

Drive Scrubber wipes the hard drive thoroughly making use of military-grade technology. It removes everything on the hard drive, be it hidden or not to ensure your hard drive as though has never been used before. This is usually required when you want to sell your PC or run a full system clean-up. So, you should not just wipe the hard drive, but you should make sure it is scrubbed as well.

Summary of what the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense Contains:

  • Effective PC Optimization
  • 100% Online Privacy
  • Password Manager
  • Advanced Antivirus Tool
  • Malware Killer
  • Advanced File Recovery Software
  • Hard Drive Cleaner

Now, the question to ask: with all the above-mentioned tools contained in the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense pack; “Is it possible to feel unsafe with your system again?”

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is not just a PC security pack but liberation from cyberattacks and other threats. It gives you the maximum privilege to enjoy your PC the way it ought to be enjoyed. Why don’t you free yourself? So that your PC will be pleased with you.

PricingSystem Mechanic Ultimate Defense is normally priced at $79.95 annually.  However, if you use our links in this post, you will be getting a special discount of only $39.97 for the first year.  In addition, you will be getting world class support from iolo by phone, chat, and email.  What’s not to like here.  You get a 7 in 1 system, a discounted price and top- notch support.