Speechelo Review

Turn Text to Speech with Human Like Voices
For this review, we are going to delve into Speechelo, a new A.I based Text-to-Voice software that can be used to create new videos or take existing videos and do voice-over.

What is Speechelo?

Well one user said “that’s it the Human Like Voices”, once you get a taste for that, the rest is history. The latest tool from Blaster suite uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Engine that takes text and turns them into human-like voices. Better yet, it comes with 30 different voices in 23 different languages and 700 word limit in the basic version.

Who is it for?
Speechelo is intended for anyone who uses Video Presentations in their sales, marketing, training, education, informative children’s videos, provide cultural information and much more. It will help you to get your message across to your audience with simple easy to use text to speech conversions. It also helps in E-Commerce and VLogs for those who upload regular videos to social media platforms and YouTube. 

How Does it Work?
Speechelo is very easy to use, all you need is text and with 3 simple clicks, the voiceover can be completed in seconds. Start by pasting your text into Speechelo, choose a voice from the options and download the finished voiceover. It works with all video software tools such as Adobe. Speechelo can understand text in three (3) tones: Normal, Joyful and Serious. This is a web based platform so there is nothing to download onto your local machine. You can test the voices and get an understanding of the variations in sound and voice before creating new videos.

What are the upsells?

Speechelo Pro
With the Pro version, you get 30 more voices to your existing package along with options to add emphatic and variation in tones along with an AI voice to optimize speech. 

Speechelo Tube
Speechelo Tube allows you to download video text from various YouTube Videos, transform them into another language with support from Speechelo and resubmit them online.

Why I Recommend Speechelo

The answer is very simple, Blaster Suite. The team of Vlad and Stoica have put together remarkable products before Speechelo came out. They have the knowledge base to come up with creative video products for more than 11 years. They’ve maintained a solid reputation and have stayed relative to the video marketing industry.

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